Ecology in Classrooms This Year for Grades 4 and 5

Thank you to Canby Education Foundation for their continued support. This year they are supporting Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors who will be modeling 4 lessons in Grade 4 and 5 classrooms that will align to the new science standards. This is a wonderful opportunity to observe engaging lessons aligned with the standards. In addition, you will have access to the lessons, which you might want to replicate in following years. Though the details of the lessons are still in the works attached is an overview of the 4 lessons, which includes learning targets, standards, and necessary vocabulary.

Download file "Grade 4 Program Summary and Benchmarks.pdf"

Download file "Grade 5 Program Summary and Benchmarks.pdf"


Implementing New Science Standards

Elementary Science:

This year our elementary schools are implementing the new science standards, including our 3rd grade teachers doing a Science Work Sample. Recognizing the difficulty for elementary teachers to "get it all in" teaching science is an opportunity reading developing with informational text. Our commitment this year is for each grade to teach 3 science lessons during the course of the year. You are welcome to choose your own lessons, or you can use the lessons we'll have posted in this wiki this fall.

Some have suggested this is not a high enough expectation given our new graduation requirements and the rigor of our middle and high science programs. Committing to these 3 lessons will assist our science students as they develop their higher level thinking skills through scientific inquiry, and will pay off for our upper level science classes. In addition, this is a beginning as we become more knowledgable about the new standards.

Middle School Science:

This year we'll create a plan to transition to the new science standards. This will require a level of problem solving and creativity needed to meet the standards and maintain a rigorous academic program. More details to come.

High School Science:

Our high school science teachers have analyzed the new standards and understand the importance of shifting to meet new graduation requirements for high school students.