Resources For Teaching TAG Students Different Subjects:: 2

    History/Social Studies:

    A comprehensive list of newspaper, broadcasting and magazine media from all over the United States. Organized with top 25 ew sites and a search tool. Updated daily.
    Official web site for the White House and the president. Contains interviews, news, photo's, etc.

    National Geographic Kids magazine with activities, experimets, kid news and homework help.

    Links to electronic resources for every country

    Primary sources and actual documents

    Huge variety of government web sites and services.

    News and live briefings from the US Department of Defense

    Decisions, business, etc.

    Directory of official state, county and city government web sites.

    Galaxy of knowledge on the topics of science, industry and technology, art and design, and american discovery. Primary sources include documents, photo's, letters, and other firsthand resources.


    Games incorporate math topics such as graphing, patterns and infinity. Includes complete directions, lesson plans, game boards, and problem solving.

    Math topics archived by grade level with a searchable index. Students can also submit their own questions to Dr. Math.

    Tricks and rules for quickly calculating certain types of math problems.

    Algebra topics are broken down into workable categories with tips and examples with problems for you to try.


    Resources related to books, author links, stories and reviews.

    The system allows users to get information on whatever they want--weather, news, sports, even comics--and then create your own paper.


    A site that offers articles, evidence collection and photography, training, employment, and resources.

    Design your own roller coaster and discover how the laws of physics affect it.

    Select state and location to retrieve voth this month's and future tide tables

    Hatfield Marine Science Center and OSU provide tide table predictions for Yaquina Bay and beaches north of this area.

    Easy to navigate, weather around the world.

    The SETI Institute provides information about scientific research in the general field of life in the universe with an emphasis on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It is a nonprofit research organization and has nothing to do with UFO's.

    Reports on recent eruptions, images, virtual field trips and historical data on volcanos around the world.

    Links to sites with information on avalanches worldwide.

    Elementary Research Web Sites:



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