Coaches Guide: Collaborative Meeting Notes

Collaborative Meeting Minutes Coaching Guideline


  • Help Collaborative Teams understand the importance of a highly functional collaborative team
  • Support Collaborative Teams in creating a highly functional collaborative team
  • Be a learner of highly functional collaborative teams
  • Use the tools in this file to help assist you in supporting the development of your collaborative teams.

As you enter into conversation about collaborative teams, please be sure to consider the following:

- If there are questions about collaborative team minutes, then there is a likelihood staff is not understanding what a collaborative team is and it would be worth spending time with that team.

- Remind staff collaborative teaming is one thing that is “tight” in Canby School district.

- Remind staff about your role, which is to assist them in developing their collaborative team to be highly functional and effective.

- You are not directing or evaluating their work.

- You are learning too and may not have all the answers as they develop their collaborative team

- You are willing to collect questions or gather information, so you can find out the answer and get back to them.

The Following are Resources for you as you and your Instructional Leadership Team to use to support your collaborative teams. Teams also have access to these resources on the website.

  • The Team Collaboration Worksheet can be used to provide you and your Instructional Leadership Team with a sense of what collaborative teams do when they are highly functional and effective. This is a great learning tool and one to be thoughtful with how it is used. Cautionary Note- It has a lot of information that might better be used in small chunks over time.
    • Activity Suggestions-
      • Align these characteristics with the suggested timeline for professional development throughout the year and teach in small chunks. You might take 5 minutes at the start of a staff meeting and brainstorm “Looks like/Sounds like”for…(example-a team has identified course content and/or topics that can be eliminated to devote more time to essential curriculum or power standards).
      • Use as a self assessment as suggested in the timeline of benchmarks provided.
    Download file "TeamCollabWS.doc"

    • The What Is A “Professional Learning Community”article gets at the why this would be “tight” in Canby School District. I would only use this with specific grade level teams who are struggling.
      • Activity Suggestions-
        • If you use with your whole staff you might use the 3 Big Ideas, which are listed as sub-topics in the article have your staff brainstorm what they think are key concepts for those 3 Big Ideas, have them read the article, then add/delete/change the staff list together.
        • If using with individual teams or teachers it will be important to find a venue for them to process the article. This might be an area where a cabinet member or instructional leadership team member might be able to do
      Download file "WhatisProLearningComm.pdf"

      • The Beginning a Team is from National Staff Development Council (NSDC) and is quick reading, as well as including activities you can do with staff and or individual teams depending on where they are. It includes an activity for creating norms. I would highly recommend checking these “Tools for Schools”when sent out. The activities are self explanatory, but I’ve listed them below for ease of planning.
        • Activity Suggestions-
          • Processing article “Transform your group into a Team”
          • Developing Norms
          • “Which stage is your team in?”questionnaire
        Download file "Beginning-a-team.pdf"

        • The Cultural Shift in Professional Learning Communities pdf is a great one pager that charts out the new course of thinking for teaching and learning in the areas of purpose, assessments, and when students don’t learn.

        Download file "CulturalShiftsInAProfessionalLearningCommunity.pdf"


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