Auto-dialer Do Not Call Process

    Our Intouch auto-dialer system and Synergy connect with each other, the changes in phone number and email will get updated automatically. HOWEVER, if there is a change to DO NOT CALL, please follow the procedure below:

    1. Un-check the Contact checkbox in Parent screen in Synergy

    2. Submit the change through this Google form bit.ly/1kXpufs. This is a change to the previous established procedure. By submitting the change through this form, you DO NOT have to send a separate email to Hung about the change. He will get notified immediately.


    • If a parent asks to be on the Do Not Call list, they will not receive any communication whether it is attendance, emergency or other purposes deliver to that phone number.
    • All students need to have at least one contact phone number in case of an emergency.


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