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Canby's Edmodo site

To get to our Canby SD's private Edmodo site, where we share our success and post our questions to our peers, go to: ...

Innovation Grants Deliver Academic Gains

Thirty technology innovation grant teachers recently completed their action research course with presentations demonstrating outcomes based ...

Jeremy Ensrud: iPads in high school science

[ensrud-preso.002.png]What happens to student engagement when iPads are used in a science classroom? An Examination of how Tec...

2010-11 Innovation Grant Awardees and Research Projects

The chart below shows all 2010 Innovation Grant awardees, their contact information and project title and a PDF of their narrative summaries as well a...

Innovation Institute 2012

Here's the Alice in Wonderland ePub: [Download file "alice.epub"]

2012-13 Class Nights

Here is the link to sign up for "times" (just choose a slot, I'll delete the unused ones).