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Welcome to the iPod & iPad User Group Wiki

[iPad2_front_medium.png] We welcome you to our wiki and blog for supporting iPod & iPad devices in education. Although our focus is K-12, many of th...

Links and Resources and Apps

Top Apps by Canby School District Teachers and Students Common Sense Media's App Review Page

Purchasing Apps: Apple's Volume Purchasing Program

[Screen shot 2010-09-02 at 4.42.25 PM.png] Apple provides the Volume Purchasing Program for apps in the App Store for education (and busin...

Videos: iPods & iPads in Canby Classrooms

In June of 2011, Canby School District decided to interview staff and film some students using iPod touch and iPad devices in the classroom....!/CanbyiOS

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Managing a Major iPad & iPod touch Deployment: 2011-12

Or, how we survived the deployment of an additional 700 iPads and 700 iPod touches this year without losing our minds. See also: ...