Managing a Major Deployment

Or, "How to un-box, label, tag, update, sync, and get into carts 840 iPod touches without going crazy."

Carts lined up and ready

We have been working diligently to manage what seemed to be a monumental task of getting these 800+ iPod touches ready for our Fall deployment, when we will provide iPod touch devices to every child in 3rd Grade (and 2nd and 4th Grade children in the classrooms blended with 3rd Graders). We also have carts going to 4th and 5th Grade classrooms in some schools, math classes at the middle school, and reading & English language learner classrooms at the high school (our science teacher is moving to iPads this year). Finally, there are groups of 6-10 iPod touches that we prepped to be ready for teachers who were awarded Innovation Grants. Here is how we planned for this rollout and managed it:

  • Plan for receiving, unpacking, labeling, and inventory
  • Setting up iTunes accounts on the syncing MacBook
  • Updating iPod touch firmware
  • Initial content and app syncing settings
  • "Imaging" devices from master image to efficiently prepare each cart
  • Final sync testing

These setup instructions also work for iPads, so you can assume that the majority of the information is relevant to those devices.

Plan for receiving, unpacking, labeling, and inventory

We made sure to have extra help on hand when the shipping items began to appear. Often, we got calls like "this is FedEx, and we have a truck with 28 pallets headed your way..." That was when we knew that our limited space would not handle the packing materials included with the items as they appeared. The larger items, like the Bretford PowerSync or Mobility carts took up a lot of extra room in their packing materials, so we broke those down outside on the loading dock, recycled the packing materials and stacked the pallets. While this may not seem like something to include here, it is something to consider and to plan on, as your items will arrive and you will need a secure area for the devices (840 iPods and 260 iPads fit in a relatively small area, but still need to be secure... carts simply take up a lot of room).

One of the critical tasks to do before jumping in and updating and syncing your new iPod/iPad devices, if you are going to put them into carts across a district, is to develop a naming scheme for the devices, the carts themselves, the iTunes account and password, the combination or keyed lock for the cart, and the OS X login/password for the syncing MacBook. We opted for the letter/number scheme, as we are putting them in all 3rd Grade classrooms across the district- with some schools having carts for 4th and 5th Grade if they chose to invest that way. We were fortunate that some PTA groups decided to purchase iPod devices (and iPads in some schools), so we needed to be able to scale our deployment beyond just one grade level. We are also planning on having these grow into our schools toward the upper grades, so it was vitally important that we chose a naming scheme that fit that kind of growth.

One other key point: we have Apple (for free) laser engrave all the iPods with "Property of Canby School District #86 so there is a "permanent" mark on the device itself. We highly recommend that.

In this picture to the right, you can see an example iPod PowerSync cart, with the iPod asset tagged (although these devices fall below our normal threshold for financial requirements of inventory, we thought it prudent to be able to track loss/breakage over the course of the 1-1 implementation), numbered with the cart letter and the iPod device number, and sitting in their respective slots in the cart with matching letter/number markings. Also, we have made a bulk purchase of cases for them (from Speck, we are not using screen protectors anymore) and will put the same numbering (but not asset tag) on the outside of the case. We chose one color for the 3rd grade (blue) and another color for other deployments. The cases are not shown here to illustrate that we put the asset tag on the device itself and the device name/number which we will also put on the the outside of the hard-plastic case (you can also see on the back of the iPod touch a reflection of the green pen used on the whiteboard to plan out our deployment). We created iTunes accounts for each MacBook that syncs content and apps for the iPods it manages. While it is possible to share one library across several carts, we thought it both more manageable and more future-proof to have a one-master-sync machine per cart. This is the way we have deployed our previous carts and it has worked very smoothly.

So, key points:
  • have staff ready for the "unpackaging" of items as they come in
  • decide whether you will asset tag your devices
  • naming scheme that makes sense and is easy to track later (we use Google Docs to keep all the info)
  • labeling and asset tagging everything
  • iTunes accounts for each MacBook to sync content and apps
  • passwords for OS X accounts so the teacher can log in
  • combo locks or specially-keyed locks for the carts

Setting up iTunes accounts on the syncing MacBook

We set up special iTunes accounts with email addresses that we created specifically for this use. You will need email addresses for each one, and we set them up so that someone in the main office has the ability to check the purchases of apps and paid content (for the auditors). In this way, someone can log in to the iTunes account, print a purchase history of the transactions made with that account on that MacBook. This is key as long as Apple does not have another method of enterprise purchase and deployment of those assets. Now they do. More information here. Again, each MacBook has its own iTunes account for syncing the iPod/iPad devices it is "in charge of."

Do not set up the accounts on the machine in the "normal" way by making iTunes accounts from scratch without following the method below:
  • You can easily set up those accounts without using a credit card or gift card (for the purpose of getting your deployment going) by "buying" a free app... that way, you can choose as your payment method "none" which does not appear if you set up an account in iTunes at the store as you might imagine. Attempt to "purchase" a free app, then iTunes will prompt you to sign in, set up a new account, set your purchasing method to "none" (like you have no credit card nor gift card), and then you must verify you set up the account (that is why these each need to be a real email account, and why we set up those email accounts specifically for this reason). With iTunes ready to go, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Updating iPod touch firmware & Initial content and app syncing settings

Out of the box, our iPod touch devices still had 3.x software on them. We needed to update them to iOS 4 before we got too far down the deployment road. After setting up the iTunes accounts on each MacBook, we proceeded to update the firmware of each iPod touch to iOS 4 before creating the sync settings. In the photo to the left, you can see part of the team updating the firmware on each iPod touch device (again, using each MacBook to update the iPods that they would be managing). They were organized into the piles that would eventually fill the carts that will hold each group of iPod touches. We set up 32 devices per cart, with 30 of the 8 gig models and 2 of the 32 gig models. We wanted to make sure that every classroom had some devices ready in case there were students (and there will be) who needed the support of assistive technology. If you've not seen all that it can do, check it out here on Apple's site: iPod touch and for iPad.

Next, it was time for us to build our "master" iPod device that we would use on each sync station to create a backup from which we would "image" the others in the cart. In order to build a master device that would give us as much flexibility in the future and to make it easy for the teachers to manage the carts using simple playlists in iTunes, we opted for using nested playlists and collected content that would cover each type that our iPod devices might sync in the future. We made playlists for each kind of sync content so that our teachers could organize it into those types. They can also add their own playlists into this folder if they wish. This was just a start, and a way to make sure the way we were planning out syncing was really going to work for the deployment type. We put one kind of each of those types of media into iTunes and in each of their respective playlists (audio, audiobook, books, iTunes U, podcast, TV show, and a video).

For reference, here are the files we chose- all free:

Now, selecting the device in iTunes gives you the option to choose sync settings for each media type. The few that differ are Photos, Books, and Apps settings. Here is the way we set up App syncing:

We decided to set the iPods to "Sync Apps" so that each time a teacher wants to easily install the apps, they only need to download/purchase it in iTunes and the next time the device(s) are synced, they will install the apps automatically. We pre-selected the app and the iBooks app (so that we could also install books/pdfs onto the iPod touch). This is one of two tabs in which we selected the "sync all" approach.

In the Books tab, we chose to "sync all" Books as they don't allow the use of playlists (yet).

Then further down in the books tab you will find the place to choose "Audiobooks" and the playlist selection, which we set up as set all the remaining tabs (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, and Photos), selecting to "sync selected" audiobooks, and then choosing our nested playlist (folder) as our choice. That way, any audiobook that is on any of the playlists in that folder will be synced (both ON and OFF the device).

Here is a screenshot from iTunes in the Books tab, after scrolling down to the Audiobooks section. We have chosen the "Sync Folder" (that's what we named it, you can call it whatever you like), and then it automatically chooses everything inside that folder. Some teachers may prefer to add other playlists with names that make it easy for students to find the content that is specific to the unit they are working on in their learning environment. But those playlists will only show up as available if they have at least one kind of that content type on it. In the case above, we downloaded a free audio book from Project Gutenberg (

We set up the next several tabs in iTunes for this iPod touch in the same way (audio, audiobook, books, iTunes U, podcast, TV show, video), selecting to not "sync all" media of that type, but to sync selected content only.

Then, we select the same sync folder as we have above. This makes it easy for the teacher to get content in the right location, and it makes it consistent across all the media types. This should set them up to be able to sync any type of content all year long without having to change these settings.

Screenshots from the "final" master iPod touch

For the home screen, we removed the App Store from the dock and added

Our only other installed app besides the defaults is iBooks, located on the second screen. You can rearrange apps as you like. We made it simple for the initial deployment, and teachers will add apps as they see fit. We made sure to include iBooks so that we could set up syncing books and PDFs.

In the Videos app, you can see all the video resources we added, including Videos, TV shows and iTunes U.

In the iPod app, you see your playlist (actually, your nested playlist).

When you tap the nested playlist ("Sync Folder" named in iTunes), you get the playlists that included. You could name these anything you want in iTunes, of course, but we used these names for our deployment. If a teacher would like to make a "unit" and make it easy for their students to find the resources they need... they can simply make a playlist with all the resources and place it inside the playlist folder in iTunes and it will sync automagically to the iPod touch devices.

Finally, we changed our content settings to restrict explicit content on the device (we ARE deploying to 8-year olds) and you can see those settings here.

We turned OFF In-App Purchases, but left installing apps on (above the Camera toggle switch in this screenshot you have that option). If you don't, you can't install any apps during the syncing nor "imaging" process.

"Imaging" devices from master image to efficiently prepare each cart

We suggest that if you want fine-grain detail about the backup and restore processes in iTunes, that you check out these two articles first:
Phone and iPod touch: About backups:

Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software:

Our cloning workflow is as follows:
1. Make a "master iPod touch device" with everything as you would like the others to have and to look like (which we've now completed above)
2. Make a backup of that iPod touch device in iTunes
3. Use iTunes to clone that backup image from the master iPod on to the other iPod touch devices using the "restore" functionality.

After you've made your master iPod touch (or iPad), make a fresh backup of it by right-clicking or control-clicking on the device in iTunes, and select "Back Up." It may be helpful for you to delete previous backups of the device in iTunes first, to keep things easier to deal with when imaging (iTunes > Preferences > Devices).

After you've cleaned out your old backup files (if you do) and you've made a fresh backup of the "master" iPod touch/iPad, connected your next iPod touch or iPad, Right-click (or Control-click) the device, and choose Restore from Backup, and follow the procedure. When the restore process finishes (this just restores the settings to your master settings), sync the device to install the content and the apps. Rinse, repeat.

Final sync testing

To confirm that all is working in your deployment, you may want to try removing a media file from a playlist, syncing an iPod touch or two, and then checking to make sure it gets removed from the device. Add that file back to the playlist and repeat the sync. If you've done it correctly, those files should go back and forth from the device as expected.

Additional Thoughts

The iPod touch and iPad in education scene is in constant flux. We are continually updating the way we sync and disburse content and apps. We allow teachers to choose their own apps, and we set the devices up as seen above to make it as easy as possible for them to manage the carts on their own. Apple has introduced a method for educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of apps and paid content. More information is available here.


Chris Peters (unauthenticated)
Aug 31, 2010

Thank you so much for this write up. Very few resources like this are out there for education. I thought setting up 60 iPod Touch's was bad, 800+ is crazy!

Totally going to use the nested playlists. If only we could use the idea of playlist for apps. Then each teach could have their own grouping of apps that could also be used in another teachers playlist. Oh well, maybe in iOS 5.0.

Julian Coultas (unauthenticated)
Sep 6, 2010

This is an amazing document, that covers a very complex process and from many angles. The Teacher feedback and examples of projects is also of real value. Thanks for sharing.

Gil Anspacher (unauthenticated)
Oct 3, 2010

This is a great article. We are about to roll out 20 iPod Touches 1:1 and looking for details on how to.. have the Mac imaging dance down... and this is great. I really look forward to an OS X Server network imaging process for iPods and iPads. Thanks!

Patrick Wiederkehr (unauthenticated)
Oct 7, 2010

Great Info! Very interesting. Thanks for that.

We are about to deploy 70 iPads for a four day Event. One question for that: Does this master-backup / restore / sync process allow to buy apps once and then use it on all devices? Or does this involve the five authorized computers limitation, and if so, would you have to have multiple iTunes-Accounts for each n/5 devices?

Thanks in advance for your reply! Cheers, Patrick

Mark (unauthenticated)
Oct 15, 2010

This was SO helpful! We just got our ipod touches today so very helpful. Just one question (maybe obvious), why does each ipod touch sync to an individual macbook rather than have all ipod touches sync to one computer?

Joseph Morelock
Oct 19, 2010

Comment for Chris Peters:

I totally agree. Playlists or something like that for BOTH Apps and Books (not just audiobooks) would be a most welcome addition.

Joseph Morelock
Oct 19, 2010

Comment for Patrick W:
Remember that the master backup/restore process is meant to get you a working image on many devices in a short(er) amount of time. We do that same process on each MacBook that controls its group of iPod touches or iPads. So, we prepared about 20 carts, each one with its own MacBook and set of 32 iPod touches or 30 iPads. We used that MacBook only with those devices. If that MacBook were going to be managing more devices, you could of course use the restore feature to "image" as many as you like. It's a technical process that is separate from the iTunes App store EULA. Hope that helps.

Joseph Morelock
Oct 19, 2010

Mark, hopefully the comment above answers your question as well.

Janett Ferrer from Puerto Rico (unauthenticated)
Nov 23, 2010

This is what I need for my classroom. How can I do this? I live in Puerto Rico. Wowowoww, incredible. I love to inspire kids to keep on going to a higher academic level...

tech (unauthenticated)
Feb 7, 2011

So can you set the restrictions and then when you sync OTHER Ipads/Ipods the restrictions follow???

Alyssa (unauthenticated)
Feb 18, 2011

So, do I have to restore/backup every time I want to sync new apps?

Joseph Morelock
Feb 19, 2011

Comment for Alyssa:
No, you don't have to restore each time. This is just a method to get them all ready and looking "the same" for initial deployment. After that, you simply sync normally and go.

Joseph Morelock
Feb 19, 2011

Comment for tech:
Yes, you can set the initial restrictions via this method, as you are making a copy of the master iPod touch or iPad. You can also use certificate installs via the iPhone Configuration Utility (find it at to add/remove restrictions later. You can deploy those via a web page, email, or direct connect and do multiple certificate installs at once. So, if you forget to set the Movies restriction to G-rated for instance, you could go back and do that later with the config utility.

M. Richardson (unauthenticated)
Feb 22, 2011

If you have a 30 unit sync tray, is there anyway to update software for all the ipods at one time?

Joseph Morelock
Mar 4, 2011

Comment for M. Richardson:
There is currently no way to update the iOS firmware for all the iPods at the same time through iTunes. It's one-at-a-time right now. Content and apps can of course be updated in batches still.

Heather Kendregan (unauthenticated)
Jun 22, 2011

Do you do backup and restore be fore you iphone config them or after? Do you use that in your process?

Stephane Hamel (unauthenticated)
Jun 23, 2011

Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. Our school board here in Canada has been deploying iBooks and Macbooks since 2003 and we are now integrating iPads into our network. The information found here is very valuable to us. I have one question: Is there an easy way to rename the devices? Restoring them from a backup will assign the 'master's' name. This is not very usefull when considering using the 'Find my iPhone' feature. Thank you.

Dorlita Adams (unauthenticated)
Jun 30, 2011

Very helpful and useful information!!!

Joseph Morelock
Aug 4, 2011

Comment for Heather: We config them afterwards. You can have them all hooked up and deploy those config files via the iPhone Config Utility simultaneously.

Joseph Morelock
Aug 4, 2011

Comment for Stephane: Not yet, no. That is a feature that I'd love to see someday if Apple were to release a tool for deploying iOS devices in organizations beyond the iPhone config tool. Something similar to using scripts to read data from a spreadsheet (so we can name them ourselves) like we have done in Apple's Remote Desktop. (fingers crossed...)

J (unauthenticated)
Aug 18, 2011

Just a heads up also when setting up your initial naming convention for each iPad. We used the Bretford cart and the names do not show up in sequential order. Ex. The first on the list in iTunes on the mac is not number 1 slot on the cart. Take them out and register 1 at a time and number. This will assure that the cart will now be in sequential order. Hope this makes sense.

Hannah Talley (unauthenticated)
Oct 29, 2011

I have a cart with 25 ipads that is circulating among grade levels PreK-5th grade. I started with about 140 free apps to give teachers a "starter kit" of apps to play around with (many of our teachers have never even used an ipad). What I am finding is that it is very difficult for younger students to scroll through all the apps until they find the one their teacher wants them to use. Is there a way to create folders in itunes and then deploy those folders to all the devices at once? I know how to make folders in itunes for each individual device, but I was hoping there was a method that would allow me to "push out" the same folders to all the devices at once. Is there such a method?

Joseph Morelock
Nov 5, 2011

Hello Hannah,
At this point, no, there is not a way to to what you've described. We've helped our elementary kids learn to use the "search" function from the home screen, although we know it's harder for the super-little ones. Here's hoping we can do that someday...

Dana (unauthenticated)
Nov 17, 2011

This document and forum is extremely helpful, thank you. For Hannah's question, could you create the sync station itunes with all applicable apps then sync it to master iPad, organize the apps into folders on the master iPad, then sync it back to sync station iTunes then sync all other iPads with sync station?

Joseph Morelock
Jan 13, 2012

Response for Dana:
That is true- but only if those apps are already installed on the device. So, unless you want to do it twice, you are sort of stuck. That is, if you have a master iPod/iPad and make its master backup that includes apps that are NOT on the one you want to restore using your master, then they will not appear in the folders. Only apps that were on the restored and the master one, and are in folders on the master backup will appear in the proper folders. You do the process twice, as the initial one will install all the apps after a sync, and then restore again to put them into folders. It would double the time you do this part, but it will be significantly faster than going one by one and putting the stuff into folders.

Tracy (unauthenticated)
Feb 19, 2012

Thank you for sharing this information. Our District just delivered my school's first iCart with 30 iPads. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how this is going to be possible until I ran across this today. I have my training on Thursday of this week. I am so excited.

Jon (unauthenticated)
Mar 2, 2012

Great comments. Thanks. If the iPods have applications downloaded from the iPod, the restore\sync method doesn't seem to remove those apps so that the set is identical again. Am I missing something?

JoshO (unauthenticated)
May 22, 2012

Very awesome... What program did you use for the tagging process? Thank you

Matthew (unauthenticated)
Oct 11, 2012

Thanks so much for this guide - my 60 seem like small potatoes now!

GD (unauthenticated)
Feb 5, 2013

This is a really good. Very well explained. We are planning to introduce iPads and iPods in our institute for the first time this year. Based on your experience, what are the biggest pain points we will need to be prepared for?
Thanks once again for this awesome post.

Dan Fleck
Aug 15, 2013

Response for GD:
Be prepared for this to take time. As new technology and tools are released to us, the time has been reduced. However, with a large scale deployment, time is never on your side. Give your teachers ownership and training and the on-going "pain points" are greatly reduced.

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Normall...Falsemorelocj2013-08-16T02:29:27+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:25:10+00:002011-10-27 18:25:10updated44morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:24:08+00:002011-10-27 18:24:08updated43morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:22:29+00:002011-10-27 18:22:29updated42morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-25 04:55:50+00:002011-10-25 04:55:50updated41Added information about not being logged into dev account for 100 device limitmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-29 20:55:37+00:002011-03-29 20:55:37updated40morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-29 20:54:43+00:002011-03-29 20:54:43updated39Added Xcode 4 Organizer list clear-out syntaxmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-28 00:29:21+00:002011-03-28 00:29:21updated38morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:49:05+00:002011-03-27 05:49:05updated37Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:44:49+00:002011-03-27 05:44:49addTag36morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:43:18+00:002011-03-27 05:43:18updated35morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:39:25+00:002011-03-27 05:39:25updated34morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:35:53+00:002011-03-27 05:35:53updated33morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:27:16+00:002011-03-27 05:27:16updated32morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:23:08+00:002011-03-27 05:23:08updated31morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:06:15+00:002011-03-27 05:06:15updated30morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:59:10+00:002011-03-27 04:59:10updated29morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:54:38+00:002011-03-27 04:54:38updated28morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:41:36+00:002011-03-27 04:41:36updated27morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:27:08+00:002011-03-27 04:27:08updated26morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:19:23+00:002011-03-27 02:19:23updated25morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:15:15+00:002011-03-27 02:15:15updated24morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:08:27+00:002011-03-27 02:08:27updated23morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:26:58+00:002011-03-26 21:26:58updated22morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:21+00:002011-03-26 21:23:21updated21Added tag - iosmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:11+00:002011-03-26 21:23:11addTag20Added tag - xcodemorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:06+00:002011-03-26 21:23:06addTag19Added tag - deploymentmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:05+00:002011-03-26 21:23:05addTag18Added tag - managementmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:02+00:002011-03-26 21:23:02addTag17Removed tag - manmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:22:59+00:002011-03-26 21:22:59removeTag16Added tag - manmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:22:44+00:002011-03-26 21:22:44addTag15morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:55:17+00:002011-03-26 20:55:17updated14morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:53:38+00:002011-03-26 20:53:38updated13morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:53:17+00:002011-03-26 20:53:17updated12morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:52:46+00:002011-03-26 20:52:46updated11morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:47:38+00:002011-03-26 20:47:38updated10morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 23:11:33+00:002011-03-24 23:11:33updated9morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:43:40+00:002011-03-24 22:43:40updated8morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:30:47+00:002011-03-24 22:30:47updated7morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:29:14+00:002011-03-24 22:29:14updated6morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:25:50+00:002011-03-24 22:25:50updated5morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:25:06+00:002011-03-24 22:25:06updated4morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:15:39+00:002011-03-24 22:15:39updated3morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:15:14+00:002011-03-24 22:15:14updated2First createdmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:08:42+00:002011-03-24 22:08:42created1wiki2011-10-27T18:25:10+00:00groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/a507fFalseMacGyver Chronicles, Episode 2: Restoring Multiple iOS Devices Using Xcode Organizer/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/a507f/MacGyver_Chronicles_Episode_2_Restoring_Multiple_iOS_Devices_Using_Xcode_Organizer.htmlJoseph Morelock44 updatesMacGyver Chronicles, Episode 2: Restoring Multiple iOS Devices Using Xcode Organizer UPDATE TO THIS POST: We've found the "winning combination" to make this work again. Update Xcode to 4.2 and use Lion on your Mac. There may be other ...Falsemorelocj2011-10-27T18:25:10+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-04-14 21:00:24+00:002011-04-14 21:00:24updated27morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-02-19 20:31:24+00:002011-02-19 20:31:24updated26morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-19 18:24:29+00:002010-08-19 18:24:29updated25Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-05 18:47:28+00:002010-08-05 18:47:28addTag24Added tag - deploymentmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:08+00:002010-08-03 18:19:08addTag23Added tag - syncmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:04+00:002010-08-03 18:19:04addTag22Added tag - ipadmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:02+00:002010-08-03 18:19:02addTag21morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:26:46+00:002010-08-03 16:26:46updated20morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:24:08+00:002010-08-03 16:24:08updated19morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:16:44+00:002010-08-03 16:16:44updated18morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:08:31+00:002010-08-03 16:08:31updated17morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:08:08+00:002010-08-03 16:08:08updated16morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:25:52+00:002010-08-03 01:25:52updated15morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:18:16+00:002010-08-03 01:18:16updated14morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:18:01+00:002010-08-03 01:18:01updated13morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:17:43+00:002010-08-03 01:17:43updated12morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:15:24+00:002010-08-03 01:15:24updated11morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:08:04+00:002010-08-03 01:08:04updated10morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:05:20+00:002010-08-03 01:05:20updated9morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:04:34+00:002010-07-28 23:04:34updated8morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:16:41+00:002010-07-27 22:16:41updated7morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:16:27+00:002010-07-27 22:16:27updated6morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:08:57+00:002010-07-27 22:08:57updated5morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:08:13+00:002010-07-27 22:08:13updated4morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:04:36+00:002010-07-27 22:04:36updated3morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:03:02+00:002010-07-27 22:03:02updated2First createdmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 21:57:45+00:002010-07-27 21:57:45created1wiki2011-04-14T21:00:24+00:00groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/adfd8FalseBuilding iPad Sync Carts: DIY & MacGyver/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/adfd8/Building_iPad_Sync_Carts_DIY__MacGyver.htmlJoseph Morelock27 updatesBuilding iPad Sync Carts: DIY & MacGyver [wikiIMG_1206.jpg]UPDATE: Bretford is now offering a charging/syncing cart for iPad. Although they are the first one we've seen, we don't expec...Falsemorelocj2011-04-14T21:00:24+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-09-20 20:00:17+00:002010-09-20 20:00:17updated77morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-09-07 20:22:27+00:002010-09-07 20:22:27updated76Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-05 17:59:01+00:002010-08-05 17:59:01addTag75morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 22:00:15+00:002010-08-03 22:00:15updated74morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 21:25:19+00:002010-08-03 21:25:19updated73morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 21:24:09+00:002010-08-03 21:24:09updated72morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:14:25+00:002010-08-03 19:14:25updated71morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:09:02+00:002010-08-03 19:09:02updated70morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:07:11+00:002010-08-03 19:07:11updated69morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:56:02+00:002010-08-03 18:56:02updated68morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:54:12+00:002010-08-03 18:54:12updated67Added tag - ipadmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 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[wikisized-IMG_1169.jpg] We hav...Falsemorelocj2010-09-20T20:00:17+00:00hot/groups/ipodusergroup/search/index.rss?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcomelist/groups/ipodusergroup/search/?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcomeRecent ChangesRecentChangesListUpdates?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcome0/groups/ipodusergroup/sidebar/RecentChangesListmodifiedDateallRecent ChangesRecentChangesListUpdateswiki/welcomeNo recent changes.reverse5search