Building iPad Sync Carts: DIY & MacGyver

UPDATE: Bretford is now offering a charging/syncing cart for iPad. Although they are the first one we've seen, we don't expect them to be the last company to do so. We'll update you when we learn more.

Using MacBook and 4 daisy-chained D-Link USB hubs (model # DUB-H7), we were able to successfully sync 20 (and possibly more, but we settled on 20 as our maximum as we didn't think we'd be able to do more than a normal iPod touch sync on our carts. We will be limiting it to 15, as we want to make it easier for teachers to be able to sync the "top row" and then the "bottom row" on our Bretford "Mobility" carts. We are using Bretford Mobility Carts, and modifying them to be able to sync and charge in the same cart. It's not completely pretty, and we're not sure MacGyver would approve (no duct tape used).

Below you can see our results of the sync tests.

Video media syncing:

Number of iPads Length of Video Size of Video Time needed
6 1 minute 23 mb 18 seconds
10 1 minute 23 mb 28 seconds
20 1 minute 23 mb 70 seconds
20 8 minutes
4 minutes
1 minute
40 mb
32 mb
23 mb
1 minute, 39 sec

Application syncing/updating:

Number of iPads App name Size of app Time needed
20 iBooks 16 mb 49 seconds

For what it's worth, here are pictures with some descriptions to go along.

Overall view:

Near the top you can see the cords which are attached to the hubs disappearing into the upper part of the cart. They are fed through the same holes through which the charging cables are fed. The top row is the only one finished in this picture. You can see the power strips in the bottom of the photo, plugged into the only outlet located inside the cart near the top (the white box at the top of the photo).

Important note: we have since found out that Bretford was "serious" when they say on their instructions that it's only 1 amp... the USB hubs needed much more than that. Since we rarely read instructions, we had to replace the fuse on that soon after we started using it. We have since connected the powerstrips that we install to a short "industrial" extension cord that comes out the side of the cart. We zip tie the two power cords together (the one that connects to the powerstrips and the one that is built-in to the cart).

The power adapters for the USB hubs are plugged into the strips.

Here's a close up of the power strips with the USB hub adapters connected. The strip is attached to the cart using Velcro®.

Wires are tied to the cart to keep it neat...

Sync cables are attached to the USB hubs, again attached via Velcro® to the top of the cart. They share the same hole in the back of the cart that the USB cable for charging goes through. They are very conveniently placed, and we fed multiple cables through them to keep the front of the cart (and inside the back) as neat as possible.

From inside the front, you can see the USB hub attached to the cart and the sync cables routed to the holes in the back. This hub is located on the left, hence its black USB cable routed out to the left side and on top of the cart for syncing. It's on the left because the USB ports on the MacBook are on the left...

Also, in the lower-left corner of the hub, you can see a USB cable from the other hub connected to the front daisy-chaining them so that we can sync the top row with 3 hubs.

Here are the other two hubs, the one on the left connected to the previously-pictured hub, and the one on the right connected to the middle one in the same way. The power cords are routed through the holes on the back of the top shelf, keeping them out of the way as they travel down to the power strip. There are several convenient routing options for cables in the Bretford Mobility cart.

Just a detail shot of the front of the hub, with 5 sync cables going into the holes below, and the one USB cable connecting to the other hubs.

Although not as pretty as we would like, you can see the sync cables sharing the same portal as the power cables. Two hubs are on the left (as you face the cart) and one on the right. The one on the right will be the one on the left as it comes out the top as in the next photo.

The cable coming out from the hub, with Velcro® attached to the side of the cart and the cable itself. We used the sticky-back kind, industrial strength (it has smaller/tighter loop and hook).

From the front of the cart, you can see the two cables that come out of each slot. We will zip-tie them together and we have put green electrical tape on the syncing cable in each slot (you can see that on the cable that is connected to the model iPad in the photo).

Bretford's cable management allows for two cables (built for one, obviously, but we can fit two) to keep them neat at the top of the slot.

Finally, in this photo, you can see the top row finished (from the back), and we will continue to do the same thing for the bottom row. When it's finished, we'll add another couple of photos here. Any suggestions for us would be most welcome as we hone our MacGyver skills.

We will deploy six of these to start, with possibly more soon. By the time we finish them, however, somebody may have already designed a charging/syncing cart...

And someone has:

Here's a parts list for those of you trying to figure out how much of what parts you'll need:

Qty Part Vendor Parnum/name/notes
6 USB Hubs D-Link DUB-H7 7-PORT USB 2.0 HUB
2 Power strips Any Need vertical plugs, not horizontal
? Sticky-sided velcro Velcro One side should stick to cart, other to back of hubs and such.
? Zip ties Any As much as you need to keep cables "pretty"
1 6' extension cord Any Industrial strength, as it gets plugged in and unplugged a lot. We got an orange one to make it easy to see.
60 USB sync cables Any 30 come with your iPads already, we had extras from our iPod carts, you can buy generic and another color would make it easy to distinguish power from sync.
1 Roll electrical tape Any We used as a way to distinguish power from sync, but if you buy other colored cables, then you don't need it.


Tim (unauthenticated)
Aug 10, 2010

This is pretty slick. I'm working on a similar solution here. How's the charging rate of the iPads when they're all connected via the USB hubs? i.e., are they getting AC power through the USB hubs as well as syncing? Thanks for doing this up & posting it. Would love to hear/see an update if you've made any progress.

Shamblesguru (unauthenticated)
Aug 28, 2010

Brilliant .... many thanks for sharing.

Rob (unauthenticated)
Sep 1, 2010

I would also like to know if you can charge using the hub. We are wondering if they would charge overnight - even if we have to leave a laptop (used for sync) plugged in all night. Rob at henry dot k12 dot va dot us

Brad (unauthenticated)
Dec 1, 2010

We're attempting a similar roll out and being unsuccessful. I have 3 of the exact same model hubs and cannot get any sort of group syncing going via iTunes. This IS the initial set up it looks as though it will mean a one by setup of 34 iPads? Updating iOS to 4.2 in one pass, then syncing/restoring to master set up in another. Am I missing something?


Clive (unauthenticated)
Dec 26, 2010

Nice work, looks neat!
We tried a similar thing here but had issues with unreliable synch -iPads keep dropping out of iTunes randomly when syncing?! Have you experienced this, any ideas?

Faith (unauthenticated)
Jan 10, 2011

Thanks for sharing! This is so cool!

Collegiate School (unauthenticated)
Feb 1, 2011

Does this make possible time-efficient printing through the hub computer? We've tried Printopia but our network is not Bonjour so it does not work. Google cloudprinting is not for schools or macs yet. Need a printing solution that is not time-consuming.

Joseph Morelock
Feb 19, 2011

Comment for Brad:

Your process should be (or should have been, as it's so late now in responding...sorry):
1. Update to 4.2.1 (or whatever the latest iOS version is), one at a time via iTunes.
2. Build master iPad "image" and create final backup... then restore others (one at a time) from that master.
3. Then, you can do your multiple syncing via those hubs in the cart or on a table. Make sure that you've daisy-chained them properly, and try to max it at 15 or so at a time. Also, make sure your syncing machine is a Mac- Windows can't currently do multiple device syncing on its USB ports.

Joseph Morelock
Feb 19, 2011

Comment for Clive:
Make sure that your hubs are plugged in to power, and that you've updated them all fully to the latest iOS and you are using the latest iTunes release. We've found that by keeping those two as up-to-date as possible has reduced the issues of some dropping of the connection. We also uncheck the box in iTunes prefs that "checks for updates automatically" so we don't keep getting warnings each time we plug them in. We can update them then we are ready to do so.

Joseph Morelock
Feb 19, 2011

Comment for Collegiate School:
We are not doing much printing as of yet... we are working on WebDAV connections for our iPads and our students are all using Google Apps for Ed accounts- so they tend to share their work with their teacher rather than print. That includes the documents they create in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on iPad. Still working on more options for that...we use Printopia for certain printing tasks, but you can't authenticate to it, so it's open to the world on your network.

bscholin (unauthenticated)
Apr 11, 2011

I have concerns about this setup, since connecting power strips and extension cords in this fashion is a violation of the NFPA code, and could lead to a fire, in the right (wrong) circumstances. I don't believe it is a good idea to violate fire safety rules in a school, even if you may get away with it. You also may not...

Dennis R (unauthenticated)
Apr 13, 2011

I am looking to DIY an old laptop cart: my question is why do you need a sync and charge cable? Can't the USB hubs (when plugged into a Mac) provide charging and syncing? ~Thanks

Joseph Morelock
Apr 14, 2011

Comment for Dennis:
Unfortunately, the power draw from the syncing hubs is not enough to charge the batteries on iPads. You'll see them in iTunes, but the iPads themselves actually show "Not Charging" at the top of the screen. The new carts from Bretford, and others, have a single cable that does both. They have developed syncing hubs that can push enough juice to recharge them at the same time. Other developers have created similar offerings as well.

Joseph Morelock
Apr 14, 2011

Comment for bscholin:
Thanks for the reminder. We have already planned at looking into other carts (finally) made by manufacturers that are made to do both. Just a note: we only have the 6 USB hubs actually plugged into those strips (total, across the two strips).

MLT Wisconsin (unauthenticated)
Apr 14, 2011

We have several Bretford iPod Carts and are only using one "charging drawer" per cart. Could I pull the components from a drawer and use those to charge & sync iPad1 devices?

Dennis R (unauthenticated)
Apr 25, 2011

Thanks for the reply, been researching the new carts and charge sync stations - pretty expensive, not sure about Oregon, but NY is a financial disaster with State Aid cuts etc... for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

Andrew (South Africa) (unauthenticated)
Apr 29, 2011

Thanks for the details of this - In South Africa, the costs of importing nice sync/charge trolleys tend to get rather prohibitive, so we're always looking at ways to get affordable function (even with a little duck tape). Have you found a way of addressing charging at the same time?

Joseph Morelock
May 3, 2011

Comment for Dennis R:
Oregon is a huge financial disaster... and we've been in this hole a long time. You don't need sync carts to make it happen. You need a few USB hubs (cheap), and a secure place to store the iPads when you're not using them. The top photo in this post shows the hubs in use before we put them into a cart. We've also reused old carts from our laptops, purchased Pelican cases instead of carts, etc. The sync hubs and the wires can be organized and tied up with velcro (or tape or whatever) and put into a baggie.

Joseph Morelock
May 3, 2011

Comment for Andrew:
See the comment I posted below yours. You can go on the cheap and make it all work. You can daisy-chain the USB hubs and get three or four hubs connected and sync about 20 at a time. Also, remember that iPads have an incredible battery, so you will not be charging them like you charge laptops and such. I've seen folks make a "charging station" by plugging in the adapters to a plug strip and "calling it good." You'll probably sync less than you think you will, with charging being more relevant to your situation.

Donna (unauthenticated)
May 10, 2011

Can a PC be used instead of a MAC for syncing on the Bretford carts?

Joseph Morelock
May 17, 2011

Comment for Donna:
In order to sync more than one device via USB, at this time, you need a Mac. We're not sure exactly the issue with Windows/USB/iTunes, but that is our understanding at this time. We're open to hear if that is no longer the case.

Alexis (unauthenticated)
Jun 19, 2011

Hi Joseph,

Instead of 4 daisy-chained D-Link USB hubs (model # DUB-H7), could we use a 16 port USB hub like Brando USB Super 16-Port Hub for the synch & charging. Below is the info:


Rena (unauthenticated)
Jul 12, 2011

Great string of information. We just purchased 50 iPads for educational use in our department. Unfortunately, Apple's website and webinar has not been helpful on how to get it going (a beginners version). WE have two 30 capacity Bretford carts, no mac, well an ancient one but it won't due the job so we were using a laptop running Windows. Thanks for confirming that Windows cannot sync all of these iPads at once. Question, we have downloaded an app (free to test it out) and planned to use the cart to download it to all the iPads at once, will we have to do this by connecting each iPad to the laptop without the syncing funtion or is there another way?

Joseph Morelock
Aug 4, 2011

Comment for Alexis: Absolutely. We had some of these on hand already and knew they worked... so we used them. Any powered USB hub should work.

Joseph Morelock
Aug 4, 2011

Comment for Rena: If you are not using a (modern) Mac, like your Windows computer, you will have to do it one at a time. It's a limitation in Windows and USB (I'm not completely sure of the technical issues, I just know that that's the problem).

Clint (unauthenticated)
Aug 12, 2011

Great writeup. Maybe I missed something but are you able to sync and charge the iPads at the same time? If so, how are you accomplishing that?

Jennifer (unauthenticated)
Sep 6, 2011

I am using Windows to image my 60+ student iPads. So far, I've only been able to push the 70 apps from the master iPad out one iPad at a time. If I get a Mac Book Pro, can I push out apps to multiple iPads at once? If I do buy a MBP, which processor is really needed? My preference is a small laptop but the 13" only come with dual core processors. I already have 7 port, powered USB hubs. I've tried using the iPhone Configuration Utility but it isn't recognizing apps stored on my computer; from what I hear, that is also a Windows issue.

Joseph Morelock
Sep 15, 2011

Message for Clint: You can't in this MacGyver setup. With the newer carts from Bretford, you are able to do so. We are hopeful that we will be able to harness the ability to install apps and content via Wifi sometime in the future, but until then, we are using these carts plus one of the newer ones that we purchased last Spring.

Joseph Morelock
Sep 15, 2011

Message for Jennifer: All of those, as far as I know, are Windows issues. If you are going for a Mac, you can use any machine they make. We have lots of carts using regular (white) MacBooks, and others using MacBook Air 11s. It's more about throughput than it is about processor. Any machine from Apple will work for you.

Jeremy Guilmartin (unauthenticated)
Nov 10, 2011

Andrew (from South Africa), it looks like your best bet would be to purchase a sync-charge standalone station.  This is a very compact and portable unit, so the shipping costs will be considerably less expensive than shipping a large cart.  Despite it's smaller size, it still syncs and/or charges as many as 16 iPads. Also, the sync-charge device can be shared among classrooms which lowers the syncing cost and has the potential to be mounted to a cart.  There's info on this device at

Trevor Gerzen (unauthenticated)
Nov 28, 2011

I was looking at the Brando also. You say that you had one of their 16 port USB hubs and it worked for you guys but none of the hubs you've used will charge? I am trying to build something also but without an industrial USB hub like the ones in the carts it doesn't seem possible. We do have a Bretford iPod cart that we aren't using anymore. We may be able to take the internals of that and repurpose them. I'll have to look at that. Right now I'm just thinking of having one area for charging and one area for syncing so I'll use a hub for syncing and power strips for charging. Thinking about, I think I am just echoing what you have already said. Sometimes you just gotta think out loud...

Allison Garrett (unauthenticated)
Dec 12, 2011

Has anyone found any viable alternatives to the Bretford carts that will charge and sync? Is it best to just order the iPads with the Bretford carts that Apple offers? Our school is about to start an iPad program and we are researching exactly how we will implement the program and roll out iPads to about 440 people.

ipad Fan (unauthenticated)
Dec 16, 2011

Have you found a USB 3.0 Hub that will work with this setup? Also, just so that I understand correctly, this will only work with a MAC and not a Windows PC, correct? Thanks for the info!

Joseph Morelock
Jan 13, 2012

Response to Trevor:
The USB hubs will all charge as long as the other end (USB) is plugged into a computer. It's a dumb-vs-smart hub thing. If you buy chargers that do more than one at a time, it gets rather expensive to get that many charged at the same time. The Bretford cart (and all syncing/charging carts) have logic chips built in that start that charge which the dumb hubs don't have. That's why they need that machine connected. The internals pulled out would also work, but we opted for cheap hubs and the syncing computer that was already assigned to the set of devices.

Joseph Morelock
Jan 13, 2012

Response for iPad Fan:
We've stuck to these hubs for now, as they're inexpensive and work. There's no reason a USB 3 hub wouldn't work as well. For syncing, only a Mac (currently) can make this work if they're wired, but you might want to try wireless sync for multiples...we've not tested the wireless sync with Windows:

Joseph Morelock
Jan 13, 2012

Response for Allison:
The Bretford carts work fine, and we're sure any other manufacturer who sells charge/sync will also work. We have migrated to using the new carts from Anthro, which don't include sync- we are using wireless sync to manage all that, so we've saved big bucks on the carts, and are having good success. See the link in the above comment (you need to add an "l" to the ".htm" to get there, or just search "wireless sync")

Visualedtech (unauthenticated)
Feb 7, 2012

The Brando 16 port USB hub delivers 0.125 ma to each port. Apple recommends 500 ma per USB. These hubs are great for mp3 players, but may not work to sync iPads.
I am not certain that they are UL approved...I'll have to dig up the unit, that I purchased,out of my garage and check for UL approval.
Datamation manufactures two sync and charge units. The Netsafe IPCS will sync and charge 16 ipads in a very secure cabinet. The DSC MINI IPCS will sync and charge 32 ipads. This is a small footprint secure cart.
I have just become a dealer for Anthro. They have designed an elegant, mobile storage, and charging cart, and a wall mountable 20 unit cabinet. Excellent products.
The "Teachwell" systems from Ergotron are lightweight and offer sync and charge systems for 16/32/48 iPads. However, the cart is constructed of palstic and the doors do not open flush to the unit.
There are a couple of open docking units for 10 ipads, they provide sync and charge capabilities. They do not offer any secure locking solution.
Three more manufacturers are launching sync and charge carts in a month. These are going to be more expensive then the carts that are currently available.
All of the carts mentioned can accomodate any android device, except the Kindle DX. Those must be stored and charged in a laptop cart due to their size.
John J Caprice

Arkansas Schools District (unauthenticated)
Mar 2, 2012

Joseph, i apreciate your hard work on this. Have you heard of any possible changes that would allow windows based computers to sync carts such as these? I am working on a cart for our schools, and would like to quit purchasing macbooks altogether. When I connect the cart to my win7 laptop, it finds as unknown device. connected singuarly, works perfect. i know this is due to the issues w/ windows you've explained,

but i'm do wireless syncing, do you still have to have one macbook/mac product PER cart to do this? I'm fairly new to this, so I apologize for my ignorance...i'm honestly just trying to minimize the number of mac products on our network because we are a 99% microsoft shop and i'd like to keep it that way for centralized management reasons.

thank you very much!

Ryan Schreiber (unauthenticated)
Apr 26, 2012


You should check out These guys offer a comprehensive suite of iPad carts and cabinets in all different configurations with charge only and sync and charge options. They also sell stand-alone devices that can sync up to 49 iPads and all of their products work in conjunction with the new Apple configurator software which requires wired syncing. Someone did some testing of various manufacturer’s carts from a security perspective. You might find it worthwhile. Check out (

Mark (unauthenticated)
May 15, 2012

A clarification on the Apple/Bretford iPad cart.
We have the 30 slot version of this from Apple.
The cart only charges when the Mac is NOT plugged in.
As soon as you plug the Mac in to sync, all charging stops.

Chinki Chhapia (unauthenticated)
Jun 22, 2012

Are you providing/selling this type of cart on demand to educational institutes?
I am ICT incharge of a school in India, we are in the process of starting the ipad library, would be grateful, if you could sell this sort of cart to us.
Please revert on mail:

Tom (unauthenticated)
Nov 7, 2012

We have an iPod mobile cart with 20 iPod touch devices. All of them fit in the top drawer, so I repurposed the bottom drawer for the 5 iPads we have. It takes some creative stacking, but it works!

Fran (unauthenticated)
Jan 16, 2013

I, too, am new to setting up iPads and iTouches. We have Anthro charging carts for our iTouches and iPads. They did not come with syncing hubs. Do you know if I can use any powered USB hub with multiple ports to create a syncing set up or is there a specific kind that I would need? I talked with the folks at Apple but they didn't have any idea what I needed. I realize that you are doing wireless syncing now but we are trying to create a consistent image (with folders, etc) on all of these, which I assume means I will need to restore them using a direct connection to the laptop- is that right?

Roger (unauthenticated)
Jan 20, 2013

I have built a cart that charges 200 iPads at once. Actually built three of them so I charge six hundred at once. I already had the three cabinets so it cost me two hundred dollars to build each one. Therefore, I charge 600 IPads for a cost of six hundred dollars.

Steven (unauthenticated)
Jan 21, 2013

I've been to CES 2013 and ran into Maclocks, the make Apple hardware security such as lock, enclosures, lockable cases with lock to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, I've seen them around stores and even offices and apparently they launched a new line of iPad carts, the thing with their carts is it's flat packed and ready to assemble by the customer, this fact save something like $1500 on delivery, we are about to start a new pilot within our school (K-12) and we are definitely going to use Maclocks iPad carts. The website is, any of you who are interested in such a solution should examine their product

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Normall...Falsemorelocj2013-08-16T02:29:27+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:25:10+00:002011-10-27 18:25:10updated44morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:24:08+00:002011-10-27 18:24:08updated43morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-27 18:22:29+00:002011-10-27 18:22:29updated42morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-10-25 04:55:50+00:002011-10-25 04:55:50updated41Added information about not being logged into dev account for 100 device limitmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-29 20:55:37+00:002011-03-29 20:55:37updated40morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-29 20:54:43+00:002011-03-29 20:54:43updated39Added Xcode 4 Organizer list clear-out syntaxmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-28 00:29:21+00:002011-03-28 00:29:21updated38morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:49:05+00:002011-03-27 05:49:05updated37Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:44:49+00:002011-03-27 05:44:49addTag36morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:43:18+00:002011-03-27 05:43:18updated35morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:39:25+00:002011-03-27 05:39:25updated34morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:35:53+00:002011-03-27 05:35:53updated33morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:27:16+00:002011-03-27 05:27:16updated32morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:23:08+00:002011-03-27 05:23:08updated31morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 05:06:15+00:002011-03-27 05:06:15updated30morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:59:10+00:002011-03-27 04:59:10updated29morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:54:38+00:002011-03-27 04:54:38updated28morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:41:36+00:002011-03-27 04:41:36updated27morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 04:27:08+00:002011-03-27 04:27:08updated26morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:19:23+00:002011-03-27 02:19:23updated25morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:15:15+00:002011-03-27 02:15:15updated24morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-27 02:08:27+00:002011-03-27 02:08:27updated23morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:26:58+00:002011-03-26 21:26:58updated22morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:21+00:002011-03-26 21:23:21updated21Added tag - iosmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:11+00:002011-03-26 21:23:11addTag20Added tag - xcodemorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:06+00:002011-03-26 21:23:06addTag19Added tag - deploymentmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:05+00:002011-03-26 21:23:05addTag18Added tag - managementmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:23:02+00:002011-03-26 21:23:02addTag17Removed tag - manmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:22:59+00:002011-03-26 21:22:59removeTag16Added tag - manmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 21:22:44+00:002011-03-26 21:22:44addTag15morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:55:17+00:002011-03-26 20:55:17updated14morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:53:38+00:002011-03-26 20:53:38updated13morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:53:17+00:002011-03-26 20:53:17updated12morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:52:46+00:002011-03-26 20:52:46updated11morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-26 20:47:38+00:002011-03-26 20:47:38updated10morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 23:11:33+00:002011-03-24 23:11:33updated9morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:43:40+00:002011-03-24 22:43:40updated8morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:30:47+00:002011-03-24 22:30:47updated7morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:29:14+00:002011-03-24 22:29:14updated6morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:25:50+00:002011-03-24 22:25:50updated5morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:25:06+00:002011-03-24 22:25:06updated4morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:15:39+00:002011-03-24 22:15:39updated3morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:15:14+00:002011-03-24 22:15:14updated2First createdmorelocjJoseph Morelock2011-03-24 22:08:42+00:002011-03-24 22:08:42created1wiki2011-10-27T18:25:10+00:00groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/a507fFalseMacGyver Chronicles, Episode 2: Restoring Multiple iOS Devices Using Xcode Organizer/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/a507f/MacGyver_Chronicles_Episode_2_Restoring_Multiple_iOS_Devices_Using_Xcode_Organizer.htmlJoseph Morelock44 updatesMacGyver Chronicles, Episode 2: Restoring Multiple iOS Devices Using Xcode Organizer UPDATE TO THIS POST: We've found the "winning combination" to make this work again. Update Xcode to 4.2 and use Lion on your Mac. There may be other ...Falsemorelocj2011-10-27T18:25:10+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-04-14 21:00:24+00:002011-04-14 21:00:24updated27morelocjJoseph Morelock2011-02-19 20:31:24+00:002011-02-19 20:31:24updated26morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-19 18:24:29+00:002010-08-19 18:24:29updated25Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-05 18:47:28+00:002010-08-05 18:47:28addTag24Added tag - deploymentmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:08+00:002010-08-03 18:19:08addTag23Added tag - syncmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:04+00:002010-08-03 18:19:04addTag22Added tag - ipadmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:19:02+00:002010-08-03 18:19:02addTag21morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:26:46+00:002010-08-03 16:26:46updated20morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:24:08+00:002010-08-03 16:24:08updated19morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:16:44+00:002010-08-03 16:16:44updated18morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:08:31+00:002010-08-03 16:08:31updated17morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 16:08:08+00:002010-08-03 16:08:08updated16morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:25:52+00:002010-08-03 01:25:52updated15morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:18:16+00:002010-08-03 01:18:16updated14morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:18:01+00:002010-08-03 01:18:01updated13morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:17:43+00:002010-08-03 01:17:43updated12morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:15:24+00:002010-08-03 01:15:24updated11morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:08:04+00:002010-08-03 01:08:04updated10morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 01:05:20+00:002010-08-03 01:05:20updated9morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:04:34+00:002010-07-28 23:04:34updated8morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:16:41+00:002010-07-27 22:16:41updated7morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:16:27+00:002010-07-27 22:16:27updated6morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:08:57+00:002010-07-27 22:08:57updated5morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:08:13+00:002010-07-27 22:08:13updated4morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:04:36+00:002010-07-27 22:04:36updated3morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 22:03:02+00:002010-07-27 22:03:02updated2First createdmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-27 21:57:45+00:002010-07-27 21:57:45created1wiki2011-04-14T21:00:24+00:00groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/adfd8FalseBuilding iPad Sync Carts: DIY & MacGyver/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/adfd8/Building_iPad_Sync_Carts_DIY__MacGyver.htmlJoseph Morelock27 updatesBuilding iPad Sync Carts: DIY & MacGyver [wikiIMG_1206.jpg]UPDATE: Bretford is now offering a charging/syncing cart for iPad. Although they are the first one we've seen, we don't expec...Falsemorelocj2011-04-14T21:00:24+00:00morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-09-20 20:00:17+00:002010-09-20 20:00:17updated77morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-09-07 20:22:27+00:002010-09-07 20:22:27updated76Added tag - hotmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-05 17:59:01+00:002010-08-05 17:59:01addTag75morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 22:00:15+00:002010-08-03 22:00:15updated74morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 21:25:19+00:002010-08-03 21:25:19updated73morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 21:24:09+00:002010-08-03 21:24:09updated72morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:14:25+00:002010-08-03 19:14:25updated71morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:09:02+00:002010-08-03 19:09:02updated70morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 19:07:11+00:002010-08-03 19:07:11updated69morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:56:02+00:002010-08-03 18:56:02updated68morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 18:54:12+00:002010-08-03 18:54:12updated67Added tag - ipadmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-08-03 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23:48:04+00:002010-07-30 23:48:04updated53morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-30 23:44:28+00:002010-07-30 23:44:28updated52morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-30 23:33:30+00:002010-07-30 23:33:30updated51morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-30 22:51:24+00:002010-07-30 22:51:24updated50morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 02:29:44+00:002010-07-29 02:29:44updated49morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:35:59+00:002010-07-29 00:35:59updated48morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:35:43+00:002010-07-29 00:35:43updated47morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:35:18+00:002010-07-29 00:35:18updated46morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:25:36+00:002010-07-29 00:25:36updated45morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:21:48+00:002010-07-29 00:21:48updated44morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:09:38+00:002010-07-29 00:09:38updated43morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-29 00:01:39+00:002010-07-29 00:01:39updated42morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:57:16+00:002010-07-28 23:57:16updated41morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:43:45+00:002010-07-28 23:43:45updated40morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:26:51+00:002010-07-28 23:26:51updated39morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:19:47+00:002010-07-28 23:19:47updated38morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:13:10+00:002010-07-28 23:13:10updated37morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-28 23:09:02+00:002010-07-28 23:09:02updated36morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-21 09:20:40+00:002010-07-21 09:20:40updated35morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 19:14:25+00:002010-07-15 19:14:25updated34morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 18:40:29+00:002010-07-15 18:40:29updated33morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:25:41+00:002010-07-15 05:25:41updated32morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:22:39+00:002010-07-15 05:22:39updated31morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:18:02+00:002010-07-15 05:18:02updated30morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:13:20+00:002010-07-15 05:13:20updated29morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:08:49+00:002010-07-15 05:08:49updated28morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:04:29+00:002010-07-15 05:04:29updated27morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 05:01:02+00:002010-07-15 05:01:02updated26morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 04:58:06+00:002010-07-15 04:58:06updated25morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 04:51:55+00:002010-07-15 04:51:55updated24morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 01:13:11+00:002010-07-15 01:13:11updated23morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 01:10:44+00:002010-07-15 01:10:44updated22morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 01:05:05+00:002010-07-15 01:05:05updated21morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:56:40+00:002010-07-15 00:56:40updated20morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:54:46+00:002010-07-15 00:54:46updated19morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:53:42+00:002010-07-15 00:53:42updated18morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:43:53+00:002010-07-15 00:43:53updated17morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:42:38+00:002010-07-15 00:42:38updated16morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:41:24+00:002010-07-15 00:41:24updated15morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:40:30+00:002010-07-15 00:40:30updated14morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:38:29+00:002010-07-15 00:38:29updated13morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:32:02+00:002010-07-15 00:32:02updated12morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:28:07+00:002010-07-15 00:28:07updated11morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:26:31+00:002010-07-15 00:26:31updated10morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:26:05+00:002010-07-15 00:26:05updated9morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:20:48+00:002010-07-15 00:20:48updated8Added tag - 3rdgrademorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:18:37+00:002010-07-15 00:18:37addTag7Added tag - syncmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:18:29+00:002010-07-15 00:18:29addTag6Added tag - deploymentmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:18:27+00:002010-07-15 00:18:27addTag5Added tag - ipod touchmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:18:24+00:002010-07-15 00:18:24addTag4morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:17:56+00:002010-07-15 00:17:56updated3morelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:17:43+00:002010-07-15 00:17:43updated2First createdmorelocjJoseph Morelock2010-07-15 00:17:01+00:002010-07-15 00:17:01created1wiki2010-09-20T20:00:17+00:00groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/98ee1FalseManaging a Major Deployment/groups/ipodusergroup/wiki/98ee1/Managing_a_Major_Deployment.htmlJoseph Morelock77 updatesManaging a Major Deployment Or, "How to un-box, label, tag, update, sync, and get into carts 840 iPod touches without going crazy." [wikisized-IMG_1169.jpg] We hav...Falsemorelocj2010-09-20T20:00:17+00:00hot/groups/ipodusergroup/search/index.rss?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcomelist/groups/ipodusergroup/search/?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcomeRecent ChangesRecentChangesListUpdates?sort=modifiedDate&kind=all&sortDirection=reverse&excludePages=wiki/welcome0/groups/ipodusergroup/sidebar/RecentChangesListmodifiedDateallRecent ChangesRecentChangesListUpdateswiki/welcomeNo recent changes.reverse5search