iPads in the Classroom

    iPads in the Classroom

    Teaching with Technology

    My name is Jeremy Ensrud. I am a biology teacher at Canby high School in Canby, Oregon. I use iPads as a teaching tool in my classes to improve student engagement, self-efficacy, and self-directed learning. My students are using mobile devices to, explore, investigate, analyze, and create throughout their scientific investigations. This technology helps me monitor student learning, so that I can provide timely individualized feedback to my students. I am using a combination of blended instruction, and student-centered assessment to create a classroom environment consistent with the technology standard of tomorrow's workplace. On this wiki I have posted video tutorials, tools, and examples, as well as links to others who have inspired me.

    Video - Better Medicine Through iPads

    Learning Management Systems

    Schoology (www.schoology.com)
    Schoology is a free learning management system that I would highly recommend. Schoology is a highly polished free LMS that literally has it all. Teachers can post files, links, assignments, and quizzes which can be organized into folders within each class. Class resources can be archived and copied from one term to the next. Each class has a unique code used for classroom enrollment. The mobile app for Schoology is highly polished. In some cases better than the web-based version. The submission text editor has a complete text formatting palette, including math fonts so students can write formatted English papers, and show their work in Math. Schoology has a built in assignment drop box, allowing students to upload documents, images or videos to the turn-in box. There are many quiz options including randomized questions, randomized answers, retakes, time limits, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and matching. There are too many features to mention, and improvements are coming all the time.

    Google Forms

    How To Create an Auto Scoring Google Form - http://youtu.be/FOTbJZvQN04

    Auto-Scoring Template (10 question) - http://tinyurl.com/autoscore10

    How To Auto-Score Printable Guide How To Auto-Score (Guide)

    How To Use FormEmailer to provide Feedback to Students - http://youtu.be/qkKlGvUA3ck

    How to Use Flubaroo Google Script to provide Feedback to Students - Flubaroo Google Script

    Sample Lessons

    Google Forms: iPad Bootcamp Pre-Assessment

    Chi-Square Lab: Tutorial | Coin Toss

    Blended Instruction

    Explore: Take an Inventory of Your Inherited Traits
    Flip: Bozeman Science - An Introduction to Punnett Squares
    Apply: Genetics Problems
    Additional Help: Genetics Problem #9 - Vitiligo

    Other Videos

    A Day in the Life of my Biology Students - http://youtu.be/VwySElO3U9U

    Paul Anderson Explains the Blended Instruction Model - http://youtu.be/-apJDi7cx9o

    iPad Bootcamp Keynote

    Download file "iPad Bootcamp.pdf"

    Sample iBook Lab Manual

    Download file "Molecular Labs Sample.ibooks"

    Teacher Research Reflection

    Download file "2013 iPad Classroom Research Summary.pdf"

    Recommended Apps

    1. Schoology 1. Notability
    2 Google Docs/Slides/Sheets 2. Explain Everything
    3. Educreations 3. Keynote
    4. iBooks 4. Numbers
    5. iTunes U 5. Pages
    6. Kahoot 6. Book Creator
    7. Scan 7. gFlashPro
    8. Edmodo 8. Popplet
    9. Vernier Graphical Analysis 9. TeachersPick
    10. Aurasma 10. Stop Motion Studio

    Recommended Software/Programs

    iBooks Author - Make iBooks
    iResponse Pro Utility - For use with iResponse Pro App
    goo.gl or tinyurl.com - URL Shorteners
    MPEG StreamClip - Converts most video formats
    OmniDazzle - Tool for drawing annotating presentations.
    ScreenFlow - Screen capture tool for creating video lessons.


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