Project Management Best Practice

    Should I start a new project?

    Please consult with your department Director before you start a project. At the moment, everybody can start a project but we want to use Teamwork project management to develop and organize our efforts into a collective cohesive system.

    • Will you use this project again year after year? - If you answer Yes, you should create a project. Within the project, you can add milestones, tasks, subtasks and deadlines. Once the project completes, you can make improvements to the workflow and then archive the project. When you want to use the project again, you can reactivate the project.
    • This is a one time project. The next question is how complex is your project? If your project involves multiple members, going to take a couple of months and has more tasks than you can track using to-do list, creating a project will organize all these aspects together in one place.
    NOTE: this section will continue to expand as we learn about other scenarios that demand creating a project. Stay tune...

    I have multiple "small" projects, should I create one project and have these "smaller" projects in there?

    There are multiple factors that will affect your decision: 1) do your tasks link together? Currently, we cannot link tasks in different projects. If this is important to your project, you must create the "smaller" projects as task lists. 2) Does the information in your project need to be kept confidential? If yes then it would be better as an individual project rather than a task list in a larger project. 3) our service plan can have up to 35 concurrent active projects. If you create multiple projects, remember to archive project as soon as you complete.

    What is the overall process for creating a project in Teamwork portal?

    Create a project -> add people -> create milestones -> create task lists -> create tasks & subtasks.

    What are the steps to ensure a successful launch of my project?

    • Have a kick-off meeting with all members on the project
    • Identify deliverables/milestones
    • Identify the level of planning details
    • Identify the activities needed to complete the deliverables/milestones
    • Risk planning
    • Gain formal approval to begin work

    What other things do I need to set up for my project in Teamwork portal?

    Project baseline - once milestones and tasks are established and assigned to specific member, project owner must take a snapshot of the plan as project baseline. Using project baseline, project owner can compare and assess the project progress at any given time and improve future estimation.
    1. Switch to the project that you want to print out the project baseline
    2. Click TASKS
    3. Click Gantt Chart
    4. Click the Printer button
    5. Make the necessary changes.
    This video illustrates the entire process to save the project baseline as a PDF. If you have issue viewing the video, please use Firefox web browser.

    Google Drive integration - you have an option to upload file into Teamwork portal or attach files using your Google Drive. An important benefit with using Google Drive is that you don't have to re-upload and keep track of your document versions.
    To integrate with Google Drive:
    1. Switch to the project that you want to integrate with Google Drive
    2. Click Options button (wrench icon)
    3. Select Project settings
    4. Click Integrations
    5. Switch the Google Drive integration switch on
    6. Specify a specific Google Drive folder as your Project folder
    7. Select the appropriate option for Who can browse? (you are more likely to choose the last two options)

    Project Email - you can send an email message to a specific project and it will automatically post and notify all members about your message.
    1. Switch to the project that you want activate the email feature
    2. Select Messages
    3. Click Options button (wrench icon)
    4. Select Post a message via email...
    5. Click Customize this email address... NOTE: to notify all members on the project about your message, your email address must be in the form of notify+email address. For example: notify+proj_template@messages.teamwork.com


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