Sarah Hall

April 8, 2013

Hi Students,

Please use this keynote to complete your landform vocabulary activity.

Download file "130408 Landform Vocabulary.key"


-Ms. Roberts

April 3, 2013

Hi Students :)

Please download this document to your iPad and use as a note taking sheet for our observations today.

Download file "Observation Notes for Haikus.pages"

-Ms. Roberts

Hi Students and Parents,
I use this page as a place for students to get information related to class.
-Sarah Hall

Tom Cruise MI4 Burj Khalifa Filming
Burj Khalifa

Forces Introduction Videos:

Roller Coaster Potential/Kinetic Energy

Wing Suits/Gravity and Drag

Download this document to your iPad and use a new sheet every time we take online notes:

Download file "Note taking form  Phil.key"

Sample iMovie