Synergy Session for Data Owners 9/18/13

Canby School District

Data Owners Meeting

September 18th, 2013 8 am - 9 am


  1. Welcome
  2. Sticky Notes: list one good thing, and on additional notes, list issues/concerns
  3. Requests for access- these need to come from the individual, data owner, or building admin and sent to the email address. We are starting to receive requests for areas outside of what staff had in eSIS.
  4. Browser issues and error messages- Firefox and Chrome are recommended. Some tasks only work in one or the other, not both, which has been reported to the ESD.
  5. Groups- A master district group must be created before an individual school can opt-in and use it. Lonnie Harms at CHS is currently our gatekeeper. Requests for new groups can be sent to Lonnie, with a copy to When asking for new groups, and as often as possible, we need to keep the name generic enough that it could be used by other schools in the district or our list of groups will become too large to manage. Susie will provide some parameters for naming (e.g., D&F list may not be an appropriate group name).
  6. Attendance- K-6 teachers need to take attendance in Synergy prior to the 9:30 auto-dialer call. Attendance needs to be taken via the seating chart. Staff will need to enter AM attendance, save, and go back in and enter the PM attendance and save for the verification screen and attendance summary reports to work properly.
  7. Edulink Auto-Dialer- Concerns about start date. Verification and emergency contact forms haven't all been entered yet, which could lead to calls going to an outdated number. Additional concerns about not being able to enter all office reasons prior to the calls going out at 9:30 am for elementary.
  8. Duplicate Parent Records- We will ask the ESD if they can provide us a new file to see how many are left. These will impact auto-dialer and ParentVue.
  9. Training database- Susie will be discussing with K-6 admin who will be provided access to TVue in Train. Although requested, still waiting for the ability to provide view access to TVue in production. Until a permanent solution becomes available, staff identified by admin will be given TVue access in Train.
  10. Additional Teachers- Still waiting for a better solution from the ESD.
  11. School Room Naming Scheme- grade level teacher initials room number
  12. Month End Reports: ADM- ATD425, Programs- Student Needs List and ELL List. We have had an issue with intra-district transfers between Canby schools. We need to be careful to not add a student before a student has been withdrawn from the previous school or a concurrent enrollment will result. On the Add screen, an error message will pop up asking if you really want to concurrently enroll a student. Please make sure you work with one another if you are waiting to enroll a student from another Canby School.
  13. Reports- What have we learned so far? It took us 9 years to build all of the custom reports in eSIS, we need to be patient. The ESD helped us map the reports we identified as business critical to reports available in Synergy, it can be accessed by CSD staff here. If you find a report that is better than one listed on the map, or if you think it could be helpful to others, please share it with the group, or share with Susie, who can forward the good news to the group.
  14. Programs/ Student Needs
    1. 2013 Programs Converted from eSIS: Open Enrollment, ELL, Migrant, 504, and Sped. Jorge is adding the Title X programs and Counselors will need to add TAG.
  15. Discipline Data- must be recorded in Synergy, entered at school level, & if it involves a weapon, the weapon type must be documented
    1. New Discipline Codes added for OCR reporting... We have received notice we will need to report again to the OCR on 2013-14 data, so please be sure to use these new codes when applicable.
      1. 1 ) Allegations of harassment or bullying on the basis of sex
      2. 2 ) Allegations of harassment or bullying on the basis of race, color or national origin
      3. 3 ) Allegations of harassment or bullying on the basis of disability
  16. ParentVue/StudentVue- Accounts will be generated during the week of October 14th (need clean parent email addresses)
  17. Contacts for Support
    1. Level 1: Review user guides and/or ask a colleague
    2. Level 2: Work with secretary or tech, if unable to resolve, email district support,
    3. Level 3: Secretary or designated district office staff are authorized to contact the ESD, or 503-675-4080
  18. OSTX- Use with every new or returning enrollment, see resources and documentation page for link and doc
  19. Student Accounting Wiki:
  20. Assessment Wiki:
  21. Synergy Wiki:

There was a request for another Synergy Session for Data Owners, preferably prior to the due date for end of month reports.

  • The group landed on 10/2/13 from 8-9 am in the Meridian room

Meeting Dates for 2013-14:

Quarterly meetings will be held in the Meridian room at the District Office, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

  • October 8, 2013
  • February 11, 2014
  • May 20, 2014


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